Butterflies of Sierra County New Mexico

More than 170 species of butterflies and moths can be found in Sierra County. I've seen the most butterflies in the months of September and October; both in my garden and in wildflower patches along highways, ponds, rivers and streams but they can be easily spotted anytime from beginning in March through November with rarer sighting the rest of the year..

My flower garden is planted to be butterfly and bird friendly. Different species have their favorites. I've listed a few plants below that are especially attractive to the butterflies and birds that visit my garden.

Mexican Sunflower - Tithonia rotundiflora, a favorite to many species of butterflies and hummingbirds. Zinnia -  2nd only to Mexican Sunflower. The butterflies and hummingbirds prefer the single flowering kind because they can easily get the nectar from the small yellow disk flowers found at the center of the ray petals. Russian Sage - Many small species of butterflies love this plant. The hummingbird occasionally visit and preying mantis which are a beneficial insect often take up residence here. Achillea (yarrow) - I have the cultivar 'Paprika' growing in my yard. Agastache, Lantana and Gaillardia round out the top favorites.

Look for butterflies when you see the following wildflowers:

Asters, Zinnia grandiflora (prairie or wild zinnia), various Milkweed, various Senecio

  • Butterfly Species

  • Arizona Powdered Skipper
    Pipevine Swallowtail
    Black Swallowtail
    Two-tailed Swallowtail
    Checkered White
    Cabbage White
    Clouded Sulphur
    Orange Sulphur
    Southern Dogface
    Cloudless Sulphur
    Sleepy Orange
    Dainty Sulphur
    Juniper Hairstreak
    Gray Hairstreak
    Western Pygmy-Blue
    Reakirt's Blue
    American Snout
    Gulf Fritillary
    Variegated Fritillary
    Bordered Patch
    Common Buckeye
    Mourning Cloak
    Painted Lady
    West Coast Lady
    American Lady
    White-lined sphinx
    Juno Buck Moth